PG Certificate Program

Welcome to Truemerit and our PG Certificate Program!

This Program is designed to develop and enhance your Product Management skills. The Program offers the following to certify you as a Product Manager and equip you with the required skills to standout in the Product Job Market.

  • Courses
    • Technology For Managers
    • Artificial Intelligence for Managers
    • Ecommerce for Managers
    • Interview Preparation for Product Managers
    • The Perfect Fit in your Career
  • Weekly Class Sessions
  • Course Certificate

This 2 months learning program will expose you to Product fundamentals and key skill sets that will be relevant for the rest of your career.

  • Customer Insight
  • Product Strategy
  • Product Execution
  • Influencing People

Along with this you will benefit from our Career and job hunt centric courses and mentor sessions.

About Authors

Talvinder Singh
Co-Founder @
A committed and highly focused entrepreneur and product manager with comprehensive knowledge and understanding of building and shipping complex digital products. I have 10+ years of tech startup experience and believe in the MVP approach of shipping early and often. I co-founded in 2011, built, scaled, raised funds from top angels of India/valley and turned it profitable. In the 4-year process, I gained tremendous valuable cross-functional skills. One of the few product managers out there who understands business, product vision, roadmap and can wireframe, design, code and deploy, end-to-end. With multiple shipped products, I bring a deep understanding of technology, market dynamics, product strategy and the product development process.
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